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Refinery Supervisor M/F

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As an international multi-technical services subsidiary of the SPIE group, SPIE Oil & Gas Services provides the oil and gas industry with a complete range of resources and skills for exploring and investigating new fields, building and operating facilities and optimising production in the best possible conditions in terms of safety, costs, lead times and quality.

With around 3,200 employees of 73 different nationalities working in 30 countries in Europe, Africa, the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East, SPIE Oil & Gas Services offers services across five business major lines – well delivery & management, projects, engineering & construction, assessment & competency development, commissioning & start up, operations, maintenance & asset integrity – for its customers, including operators, engineering firms, and oil and gas contractors.

With around 47,200 employees and a strong local presence, SPIE achieved in 2019 consolidated revenues of €6.9 billion and consolidated EBITA of €416 million.  



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Refinery Supervisor M/F

Contract type

Permanent contract

Contractual hours

Full time

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Job description

  • To provide expert technical and emergency guidance and support for COMPANY shift supervisor, for the specific process units.
  • To participate in COMPANY daily routine and provide support to COMPANY’s team to ensure a high performing work culture.
  • Ensuring COMPANY to perform the tasks as per the approved procedures.


Experience in the following Refinery Operations:

  • Crude Distillation (CDU), Saturated Gas Plant (SGP) & Fuel Oil System (FOS).
  • Hydrotreaters – Diesel Hydrotreating (DHT), Kerosene Hydrotreating (KHT), Cracked Naphtha Hydrotreating (CNHT).
  • Naphtha Reforming - Naphtha Hydrotreating (NHT), Continuous Catalytic Reforming (CCR), Tert-Amyl Methyl Ether (TAME), Isomerization (ISOM).
  • Atmospheric Residue Desulfurization (ARDS), Hydrogen Production Unit (HPU), Hydrogen Collection & Distribution (HCDU) & Refinery Pressure Swing Absorption (RPSA).
  • Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracker (RFCC), LPG Treating Unit (LTU) & Propylene Recovery Unit (PRU).

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Candidate criteria

Minimum level of experience required

10 years or more

Required authorisations

Minimum 10 years' experience in Refinery operations

Good level of written and spoken English


English (C-Professional working proficiency)

Our ambition

Combining our differences

"SPIE Oil & Gas Services is committed to promote diversity. This position is opened to people with disabilities.